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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Why is it so important?

birth space

YOUR BIRTH ENVIRONMENT is so important! As a Doula I support a women's choice in wherever she feels comfortable birthing. For some women this is at Home and for others a Hospital feels best.....or maybe a Midwife led unit?
Wherever you birth, it's always a great idea to have things around you that make you feel safe, positive, confident and comforted.
I often suggest taking your pillow and a favourite blanket to hospital to place on the maybe essential comfortable clothing (that might feel better OFF than ON actually!) LED candles (especially if you are on the antenatal ward and fancy a bath without bright light) of course, there are lots of ways to make your environment feel comfortable...probably the most important thing, is having people around you that you like and trust....
When birthing at home, you of course have everything you need at your fingertips, however one of my clients has allowed me to share her birth room photo here.... she's pinned up positive messages and pictures and has a large Mandala on one wall. I love the thought that has gone into creating the right space for her - to feel confident and reassured by the various images and affirmations.
Did you take anything with you to hospital? Or what did you do to make your space even more comfortable if you birthed at home?

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