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My Story...

Hi! I'm Nikki

I live in Cornwall on the north coast. I started supporting families around 10 years ago in Surrey initially, but made the move to Cornwall to be nearer family in 2020. I am a single mum, with two children and have two Cats. My passions are Yoga, cooking, singing (usually in my car), and spending time with those that I love. I also love going to music festivals and am a real home-bird. I love Sundays...and am happiest when the Sun is shining! and of course I love everything to do with Pregnancy and Birth... and supporting women, families and now people in my local community!

I have been a Doula for around 10 years, and also run Pregnancy classes and Courses through my business ‘my little bubble’ . I have trained with some of the top birth ‘gurus’ in the world! However since then, I have become very passionate about helping all ages and types of people and so have extended my services to people in my community both young and old! So please check out my 'Other Services' page for more info.

MY INTEREST in pregnancy and birth began after having two positive birth experiences of my own. I lived in Sydney Australia at the time, and began going to regular Pregnancy Yoga classes with other local mums-to-be. I had a wonderful teacher who passed me a book called: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth – it was this book and my Yoga classes, that inspired me to have an ‘Active Birth’ for the birth’s of my children (one a water birth, and one on dry land!)

These positive birth experiences sparked my interest to become a Doula, and teach Active Birth and Yoga to other women. It is my passion to pass on my positive experiences of birth, Active Birth and Yoga, and to support other women during their pregnancy, birth, and the post-natal period, physically and emotionally. I was pretty isolated from my loved ones back home in the UK, living in Australia and so am passionate about supporting women and their families through the life-changing, yet amazing time, that is having babies.

I believe that a positive healthy mindset contributes considerably to your pregnancy, birth and mothering experience. My life journey has taken many twists and turns, many highs and many lows - such as post-natal anxiety, moving countries and many other experiences that I have learned so much from, and have only made me stronger..... I believe that with the positive support of a Doula, you will have a positive experience on your path to parenthood. This now extends into helping people in my local community as my passion to care for others is so strong.

MY STYLE: I have a relaxed, fun VIBE about me, while remaining in awe of the magic that is Pregnancy and Birth. I work intuitively with my clients. Let's Doula this together! If you employ me as a home help, I promise to provide compassionate and caring help to you in whatever form this takes.

Nikki Barrow (Barile)

DoulaVIBEs: My sons birth day
DoulaVIBEs: My sons birth day
THE NITTY GRITTY - my experience and training


I have been lucky enough to complete my Active Birth and Antenatal training with Janet Balaskas at The Active Birth Centre in London (Founder of the Active Birth Movement).

This training programme has been described as ‘groundbreaking’ – it is unique in that it encompasses: the physiology of birth and the importance of hormones during labour, active birth techniques, and also the emotional and psychological side of pregnancy and birth. Exploring ways that women and their partners may strengthen their emotional state for birth, and beyond into becoming parents.

I have completed Doula training with Dr Michel Odent (who has written countless books and is known for his role in the natural childbirth movement and for advocating the use of water during birth. I have also trained with Nurturing Birth. My personal experiences of natural birth and my training and experiences as a Doula make me well equipped to deal with the variety of birth choices and outcomes that a woman may choose or be faced with.

I am a Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher, as well as a Baby Massage instructor - trained by ‘Birthlight’


Active Birth Teacher Training – with Janet Balaskas and Jill Benjoya Miller (Empowering women and their partners for natural birthing in a way that is practical, popular and good fun. Understanding birth physiology and the principles of Active Birth)

Seven Secrets of Birth & Active Birth – with Dominique Sakoilsky & Janet Balaskas (A unique combination of the 7 Secrets System and Active Birth creating the most comprehensive birth training available. This combination of physiological and psychological preparation, enables women to access the mind and body wisdom within and to release what gets in the way of accessing that wisdom)

Wise Woman Workshop – with Jill Benjoya Miller & Janet Balaskas (When nature needs medical support, How to use medical routines and interventions with Active Birth)

Paramana Doula Course Feb 2013 – with Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers in London.


Birthlight – Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training 2013 – 2014

Nurturing Birth Doula training Nov 2014 – Approved by Doula UK


Dynamic Positions for birth – Study Day Nov 2014

Nurturing Baby Massage with Post-Natal Recovery – ‘Birthlight’ Feb 2015


Birthing for Blokes – Study day for birth Professionals April 2015

200hr Yoga teacher training (ongoing)

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