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Birth Doula Services

I am offering 'in person' and ONLINE/PHONE/VIDEO support - scroll down for packages

I am based in Cornwall on the north coast, however I will travel up to 45 minutes from my home.


With me by your side during your Pregnancy and in labour, you can expect to feel cared for, informed, confident in yourself and emotionally prepared - for whatever the universe presents to you on the path to meeting your baby.

I will be a relaxed, dependable, and adaptable presence during your labour: fading into the background when you are labouring comfortably or need space, reassuring you and lifting you up when things might feel more challenging. I will help focus your attention to your breathing, offer suggestions, encouragement and physical assistance with movements and positions that could aid you. I will support your partner in supporting you.

I will laugh with you, cry with you, and hold you if you need me to.

Still unsure exactly what I will do as your Birth Doula? visit the FAQ page!

You'll find my clients testimonials at the bottom of this page....


Having a Doula physically present for you during your Pregnancy and Birth is of course ideal. However not everyone wants a Doula in the room with them, and sometimes the cost of hiring a Doula for your birth may be out of budget. 

I can offer support in early labour via text or by phone or video chat, with general emotional support and positive messages/affirmations. You can book this package by calling me for a general chat first (phone/skype/what’s app), where I will talk you through how to make payment for this service. This service is available globally, subject to my availability.

NOTE that before any support is provided you will need to:

Arrange a FREE initial phone chat for up to 20 mins
Then if you wish to proceed, there is a fee of £10 for an initial video chat (20-30 minutes), to confirm ID 
and general health check information, such as Hospital/Midwife details


DIGITAL ANTENATAL PACKAGE 1 : £120 (usually £150) for 3 weeks of Antenatal support
This includes 2 x 30 min phone/video chats and unlimited texts per week.

DIGITAL ANTENATAL PACKAGE 2 : £40 (usually £50) a week.

This includes 2 x 30 min phone/video chats and unlimited texts per week.

Antenatal support is provided between the hours of 9am to 11pm Monday to Friday, Weekends subject to availability (Or £20 per Hour for additional phone/video calls)

DIGITAL LABOUR PACKAGE 1 : £130 (usually £150) for 3 hours of text/phone/video support during Labour, 

DIGITAL LABOUR PACKAGE 2: £30 an hour for text/phone/video support per hour. Subject to availability

Labour support is provided between the hours of 7am to 1am Monday to Friday, Weekends subject to availability and with some advance notice I can keep my phone on 24/7 for you (£20 per Hour for any additional phone/video calls)

  • A minimum of 2 Antenatal visits and 1 Antenatal Active Birth Workshop with your partner. The first two Antenatal visits are tailored to your needs to discuss: Birth preferences and options, making a birth ‘plan’, talking through previous births (if applicable), relaxation techniques and Yoga breathing exercises, your birth environment, the labour and birth process, positions for labour & birth, feeding options and the early days of parenting.

  • A Private Pregnancy Yoga session tailored to you (if required) INCLUDED as part of this package. Additional Yoga sessions are charged at £25 per session.

  • An Active Birth Workshop of 2 hrs with you and your birth partner (at the 3rd Antenatal session) INCLUDED as a part of this package. If you require an extended workshop to 3 hrs (recommended for 1st time parents) an additional £50 can be added to my package fee)

  • 24 hour ‘on call’ period between 38 and 42 weeks, or until baby is born.

  • Presence at the birth from whenever you decide you need me. Support with Yoga Breathing and Active Birth positions/techniques throughout the birth if needed.

  • 1 Post-Natal visit, which can include an introduction to tummy massage for your baby

  • Communication via phone/emails throughout Pregnancy


Investment: £1020

£510 is paid upon booking / £510 is paid at 38 weeks (plus petrol expenses & parking costs)


Add on's:

  • £50 for a 3hr Active Birth workshop (rather than 2 hrs, included in package) Recommended for 1st time parents

  • £25 for Extra Private Yoga sessions (payable on the day of the session. One session is included in my package)

Other installment options:

3 installments of £340, last installment paid at 38 weeks or 5 installments (First installment paid on booking: £340, then 4 installments of £170), so long as the last installment is paid at 38 weeks 


PREVIOUS CLIENTS - I am happy to give my previous clients a discount of £180

I can attend your home (within 45 mins of Porthtowan), during early labour, to offer positive emotional support and comfort measures, help set up a birth pool or entertain siblings.


Subject to availability.

£60 per hour. 

Lovely words from my clients:

During labour Nikki helped me massively with lots of low back massage/pressure, breathing, movement etc...without being interfering or intrusive. Nikki is obviously knowledgeable but doesn't show any judgement to things you say and knows how to direct you to information in a very gentle way Katrina
If I were grading Nikki out of 10, I would give her 11! She was calming, knowledgeable, supportive, untiring, and more than anything else she seemed genuinely invested in helping me to have the best birth for me possible. Annie
"I was lucky enough to find Nikki to be my Doula....It was one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks to the breathing techniques, support and general feeling of confidence Nikki gave me, I had the most wonderful birth experience - I actually enjoyed giving birth!...having Nikki involved, helped to make it a such a wonderful experience - thank you x Miranda"
Nikki was AMAZING!! She was kind, patient, caring, maternal but also easygoing, unfussed and most importantly she listened and responded to my needs during labour so that the care she provided me (including massaging my back for 12 hours straight without a break) was EXACTLY what I needed at the time. Leza
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