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I offer Nanny and Mothers Help Services in Cornwall and am based conveniently in St Day, perfect for supporting families on the North or South Cornish Coasts. I will travel up to 45 minutes to 1 hour to support you.

"We are just so grateful to have benefited from her kindness, sensitivity, calm, experience and empathy. She has been our Mary Poppins!" Leza

As your Nanny / Mothers Help I can:

  • hold your baby while you catch up on sleep

  • entertain your young child/children with stories or going to play at the park etc

  • assist with breastfeeding support/bottle feeding (if needed)

  • cook/prepare food for you and your family

  • wash up, tidy, wash and dry/fold clothes, go shopping for you

  • offer Baby Massage and Post-Natal Yoga as part of my support to you

  • support you ad-hoc or on a regular basis

  • be there to lend a caring ear for any concerns you may have, and generally lift you up, and leave you smiling when I leave.


My general availability is as follows (in person):

Please contact me to discuss your individual needs


About me and my support to you:

  • I have supported families from the birth of baby, up to 4 months and beyond

  • I am DBS checked

  • Level 2 in Safeguarding Children

  • Qualified Baby Massage Instructor

  • I am registered as a Post-Natal Doula under ‘Doula UK’

  • I have supported families for 10 years so have lots of experience, with lots of different styles of parenting/needs. 

  • I have experience with Mental health conditions, neurodivergent children/parents, OCD, Tourettes, Gluten intolerance and Coeliac Disease, Post-Natal Depression and Anxiety

  • I am a fantastic Cook and can prepare all types of food from Vegan to hearty Meat dishes

  • Numerous references are available on request

MY RATES - Please contact me for hourly rates.

BOOKING - It is advisable to book your support with me as far as you can in advance. This secures an approximate start date in my diary and means you have peace of mind.

We can meet for a chat to discuss your needs. I will then write up a short Contract between us. Don't worry! it's a simple agreement between us to detail my support to you.

If support is booked more than a month in advance, a non refundable deposit is payable on booking - This secures my support to you/dates in my diary as sometimes I have other clients wishing to book me around the same time as you.

The deposit amount is usually equivalent to 8-12 hours of support. If I need to cancel my support with you, due to unforseen circumstances, then your deposit will be refunded.

Lovely words from clients:

Nikki was wonderful in the postnatal period – not only in the first week, but in all subsequent weeks since then – It is now 8 weeks later and Nikki still provides me with post natal support twice weekly. She has been a really valuable source of support, a kind and supportive person who I have been lucky enough to be able to lean on following the birth. This has been particularly crucial for me, both as a new mum, but also because I have no other direct family support here in Farnham...

We are just so grateful that we have benefited from her kindness, sensitivity, calm, experience and empathy. She has been our Mary Poppins! Leza

Nikki is in her calling as a doula. She is so engaged with children.... She is like a baby-whisperer, and can keep the baby calm where others can't. She's a complete natural! 

She's a big researcher and reader who listens and learns from others experiences too. This is evident in the way her knowledge and her way of communicating. Her advice is delicately given, never preached, or given when unwanted. Nikki is an extremely empathetic person and she really helps by connecting and sharing personal experience.

This helps you feel able to trust and talk to her as she is so genuine. I always feel that this isn't just a job for her, and that she genuinely cares and wants to help. She goes above and beyond by offering advice through messages. Her help is always given with consideration to your parenting style. My baby Albert absolutely adores her too ❤ Juliet

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